Thursday, September 4, 2014


Like way-too-many people right now, my cold has escalated to more of a flu.  I've been at work most of the week but am home today as there was no way I could get myself out of bed before 11am this morning.  Pretty gross.  

So now I am all alone at home, sick of eating toast and seriously have no energy to stand in the kitchen for more than about 2 minutes.  Fast food is a must.

Vermicelli rice noodles are great for quick lunches and insanely cheap.  To prepare them all you have to do is sit them in boiling water for about 2 minutes (or until tender) and drain.  That's it!  They are super plain though so they do need some flavour (they are, after all, just rice).

Today I slothed into the kitchen, prepared my rice noodles (about 1/5 of a packet of the Wai-Wai ones available in major supermarkets and grocers) and opened the fridge and pantry to see what I could add.


Before I jot this down please note that quantities and the ingredients of the below are not the point of this post.  If you don't have rocket, use spinach, shredded lettuce, peas.. if you don't have tuna use a boiled egg, left over meat, legumes.. if you don't have cabbage use snow peas, carrot, bean shoots, capsicum...  It is easy to make fast food if you just have a go and don't be scared.  Use some common sense (raw eggplant won't taste great, for example) and just throw things in trust that some dressing will bring it together.  Food isn't only meant to give us the nutrients we need - it's also meant to be fun to eat and prepare.

- Rice noodles (about 1/5 of the Wai Wai packet above)
- A handful of fresh rocket
- A handful of finely shredded red cabbage
- 1 fresh red chilli
- 1 can of John West 'light' tuna (I prefer Serena or Safcol, but Max is a John West fan and this is all we had)
- A splash of Tamari (about a dessert spoon  - this is a reduced salt organic soy sauce, if you use regular soy sauce I'd suggest using a little less)
- About 4 drops of sesame oil (it has a super strong flavour)

- Pretty self explanatory - chop everything (finely shred the cabbage; don't underestimate the difference textures and the size of your chopping will make to a meal).  Wash the rocket, slice the chilli and add everything to a bowl.
- Prepare the rice noodles, drain, then add to the bowl with the vegetables while still warm (helps them warm a little).
- Add the sesame oil, tamari and tuna (drain the tuna well), and toss.

That's was all I had to do to have a proper lunch.  

If you have some sesame seeds you can be bothered toasting, some spring onions you can be bothered slicing or some fresh herbs (mint or coriander would be especially nice) I'd sprinkle them on top - would definitely add to the flavour.

Other dressing ideas -
- Orange juice, fish sauce, soy sauce and chilli (or chilli sauce - and go light on the fish sauce, keep tasting it)
- Melt a little peanut butter and sweet chilli sauce into some orange juice and water
- A little coconut milk with some salt, chilli (or chilli sauce) and fresh mint would be yummy too.

I can make this, with the flu, in 3-4 minutes.  Much less time than it would take me to pop to a drive through and bring something home #healthynothard

What are your go-to quick lunches?

Nat x

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