Thursday, March 21, 2013

Good Take Away.

I hope you all know by now that I don't do the sponsored post thing.  I can't stand it when bloggers start doing that.  Anyway.

On Tuesday night I could not be bothered cooking (I have been unusually tired after work lately - think it's time for a break, lucky I am taking one this weekend!) and I stopped at the supermarket to get my usual mussels or smoked salmon to stick on a salad or with some veg - something I do every time I just can't be bothered.
But this time I found myself annoyed that I wasn't content to drive through a fast food place, or just get a noodle box, and I looked for an alternative.

I found this yummy soup;

It was $7 for what was meant to be two servings.  Maybe people with really tiny stomachs would only want to eat half of this pouch, but not me.

It was all organic ingredients and there was nothing I didn't understand (or that you wouldn't).  They had risottos and all kinds of goodies, too.  

A warm on the stove, a little parmesan cheese and some chives and I had a super yummy, super healthy, super easy dinner.

Finally I have an option!

I was very happy so I wanted to share for all you other full-time workers who get home 6 or after and, despite your usual love of cooking, sometimes don't want to have to do it every single night.

I just had a look at the Pitango web site, they do kid's meals too!  Champions.

I love finding products like this.

Do you have any go-to healthy fast food?

Stay well and have a beautiful weekend,
Nat x

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  1. Those meals are fantastic! I like the chicken noodle and I think there's a chicken miso, which is yummy too.

    And the ingredients are all normal (i.e. no numbers/preservatives etc)