Monday, January 28, 2013

A Common Sense Note; Salt & Sugar

For those of you cutting salt or sugar from your diet and succeeding - power to you, congratulations, I am happy for you and I hope you feel amazing and springy and totally healthful as a result.

For everyone else, who, like me, finds the prospect of quitting anything a sure fire way to make you immediately want to gorge on the product you're meant to be avoiding, remember this when it comes to sugar or salt - 

If you're going to eat it, taste it.

What you don't want is salt and sugar hidden in foods that barely taste sweet.  Breakfast cereals, breads, fast food, a lot of packaged food can all be super high in salt and/or sugar, but it doesn't really taste salt, or sweet.

If you're going to eat salt, add some to your marinade, or on your potatoes, or somewhere where it will bring out the flavour of your yummy, real food.

If you're going to eat sugar, make sure it's a yummy home made chocolate cake, or if you enjoy it in your coffee or tea, have it there.  Just make sure you can taste it!

I've probably said this all before, but sometimes I feel people can get caught on the extremes - quit it all together, or totally ignore it's bad for you and eat whenever.

Where do you most enjoy your salt or sugar?

I can't eat hot chips without salt, and I absolutely love getting my sugar from ice cream.

Stay well,


  1. Hell yes! Excellent post.

    I've got a thing for salt on garlic bread...don't knock it til you try it!

  2. TOTALLY agree. What's the point of eating high sugar foods if you're not genuinely enjoying the sugary-ness?

    Salt on hot chips. Sugar in brownie form. Yum yum yum! xxx

  3. i thoroughly agree with you. i like salty things - got to have salty potato chips every now and then! and my sugar is only in my homemade cakes,so i can control the quantities. I htink it's for these reasons i avoid processed foods if i can and make my own pasta sauce from scratch, my own pesto, my own cakes and baked goodies.
    oh, and vegemit! great on toast for a salty hit :-)