Thursday, January 24, 2013

15 Minute Meals?

So my aim, lately, is to cook quickly like Jamie.  That man is so insanely inspirational.  I don't own his 15 minute meal book, but I don't think he'd care - he'd love that I watch his show, get in the kitchen and experiment with making things I've never made before.

A few of the results are tangled in the below images..

EXCITING.  Full Stop.
Even more so because those beetroots are from my own garden!  As is the rosemary.

Those veg accompanied this - my first roast.
I'm not one for tags and I didn't eat it, but #worldsworstvegetarian

Pizza from Williamstown.  
Not great.

15 minute meals!  Sort of.. took more like, 10.
Big salad (on my favourite plate which is covered in Flamingos, pineapples and palm trees).
Lettuce and cucumbers from the garden, sliced pear, pomegranate and haloumi.
We had this with some salmon fillets... can you get easier or healthier?

Brekky pancakes that literally took 4 minutes.
2 mashed bananas, around half a cup of flour (I used spelt flour), cinnamon and 2 eggs.
Covered in blueberries, Greek yoghurt and a drizzle of honey.
Filling and totally yummy - really tastes like banana cake.

Rice noodles take 4 point nothing seconds to cook.
This one is made into a salad with raw capsicum, cucumbers, peanuts, fresh mint, fresh basil and a soy, chilli and orange juice dressing.
Also super fast.

Poached egg on salmon on wholegrain sourdough toast.
Find your best local baker and stop getting your bread from the supermarket.

Make your fruit exciting.
Nobody wants a 2 week old wrinkly apple with the sticker falling off - eat it fresh and present it attractively!  Especially if you have kidlets.. it works!

Making of pasta sauce - garlic, basil, walnuts, roast pumpkin and chilli...

Looks like scrambled eggs, but is a frittata made with mashed cauliflower.
More smoked salmon - a great thing to have in the house for quick meals (if you like it).
Kale sauteed in garlic.  Yes yes yes.
And quick quick quick.

Tonight's dinner was seafood in a chilli broth (ginger, garlic, stock, paprika, cayenne pepper, salt, pepper, a little olive oil), with beans and toasted rye mountain bread which was seasoned with lime juice and pepper.
Yes, this took 15 minutes.

I really don't know why people say it's hard to cook healthy.

What food have you been loving this year?

Stay well,
Nat x


  1. it's so easy to do quick meals in the summertime because i crave light green fresh things. i think it will be harder in the winter when i want stodgy comfort. my theory anyway! your meals look light and fresh and sunny. and healthy!!

    1. I totally agree - I always make big matches of soups and stews in winter x

  2. You are so creative! Loving the look of everything here, especially the pancakes. I think you do need a find a bit of inspiration for quick healthy cooking, it is easy to fall into a rut when you are tired from work and the last thing you want to do it cook (and if you are the world's slowest chopper like me haha)

    1. Thank you lovely! Home shopping channels seem to have a million ways to help slow choppers ..

  3. Ahh everything looks so good! I love topping everything with haloumi.. super versatile :) x

    1. M is addicted to haloumi so it's a good way to get him to eat whatever it's accompanying ;)