Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Heart my Body

Hello!  I haven't been here for a while, but I have certainly been thinking about coming back.  I miss sharing food with you, as I don't have many people in my life that have a passion for healthy food (and food in general) like I do.  Sometimes I have this amazing edible item in front of me and think, 'Gee I wish there was someone here as excited by this as me'.  Enter blog readers!  So I am back.  It may not be regular, but as I want to share, I will come on here.  I've spent the past few months getting settled into my new job (which I fricken' love and am amazed by this opportunity I have been given), and I think, now that I've picked up the majority of the base responsibilities, (one reason I love it is it is constantly changing), that I have some space in my brain to come back to the blogging.

I also read this post from Living, Loving Learning, and learnt about this 'Heart my Body' blog link up.  What a great note to return on.

First, an image of myself I love -

This is an oldie, but I love it.  It was the first Summer I was at my favourite beach after being ill for so long.  In a bikini and denim shorts, lying on the beach with no sound but the waves is my happy place.  I was very thin here, a lot thinner than I am now, but this body had just got me through the biggest, 5 year long physical challenge ever (not just the illness, but the medications to fix it).  I am still amazed by my body and it's ability to recover, and whatever it looks like, I will always admire and respect it.  Note that this is also why I am covered in sunscreen here and never do this for more than 20 minutes.  After living inside in the dark for 3 years due to a medical treatment, I can not describe to you how insanely amazing sun feels on my skin.  I still run outside to feel it at every opportunity.  

Three things I love about my body - 
1. It's ability to recover and repair. 
2. It's strength.  I can't believe how little I could lift when I first started going to the gym, and with regular visits I'm able to lift more and more.  It's amazing, and makes you feel like you could do anything in your day to day life.
3. My waist.  It's a bit vain, but I love that I have a small waist and an hourglass figure.

What do you love about your body?

In other news, I am currently dreaming of travel, trying to abandon eating purely for nutrients and lusting over outdoor settings, decking, lawns and vegetable gardens.  M & his Dad just build two big garden beds out of rail sleepers and I can't wait to see them filled with soil, tomatoes, beans, herbs, pumpkins... everything!  I will share when it's all up and running.

I hope you're all incredibly well and happy and I'll be in touch!

Stay well,
Nat x

PS.  I need need need to share this!  For anyone reading this wondering what happened with my ongoing sinusitis and wondering how they can get their sinusitis to go away - people!  Listen up!  Go to your dentist!  No, he will not extract your nose, but there is a chance that, like me, you just have a whopping great abscess on a tooth pushing into your sinuses causing all the problems and you just need a root canal!  So remember that lots and lots of things can be caused by your teeth!



  1. I'm SO HAPPY that you're back! I missed you! xxx

  2. Stumbled across your blog :) Loveeee those bikinis!! Great idea for a blog post as well, I may just have to give it a go.
    And also glad to hear that you're loving your job, thats the dream! I'm so glad you have gratitude for it.x