Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Food from December

Vegie Delight

Red Fettuccine Marinara with copious amounts of chilli.
My favourite.

How to curb a pasta craving
20-30 grams of pasta with 2 egg frittata and sauteed veg

Borscht as made my M's Grandmother
No meat, just for me!

Loads of rhubarb from M's Grandmother's garden
I dice it as above and stew it in a tiny bit of water, nothing added.

I'm about to disappear to the beach for a couple of weeks, so I'll catch ya on th' flip side, y'all. 

Enjoy your Summer break & have a very safe & extremely fun NYE!

Stay well, Nat x


  1. Oh my! every time I go on your blog I get so sad .. my eating habits are the worst .. constanlty tired, no energy, bloated, gross .. and your images looks so tasty and healthy! I am so lazy! I need to take a leaf out of your book .. actually I want to come to your house for dinner! haha

  2. Come! We will eat healthy and drink too much red wine. Really.
    & I hope to launch a web site this year, so maybe, with luck, you can take a leaf from that.
    But seriously about future wedding. One day. If the boy of 10 years ever proposes.

    Just sayin'