Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hello / Goodbye

Why hello there.

It feels weird being back here.  I disappeared for a long while as my mind was totally consumed by something else - illness and deterioration of a grandparent who we lost a fortnight ago.  I've never dealt with that kind of thing before and even now, I don't think I've really dealt with it.

I also have completely lost interest in sharing my life with lots of people I don't know.  I do still have a passion for living healthfully, but there is so much information out there and so many blogs (so many of which I disagree with) that it feels tiring.  It frustrates me so much that lots of people listen to lots of totally misleading information, or follow very well-intentioned and educated people only to become obsessed with that particular way of living (much to the benefit of the person they're following with all their plans and e-book sales going up or their blog view increasing daily), or start shopping and eating based on what someone who they admire shops for and eats.

I feel if I were to continue writing this blog and speaking about my view on all of this, I would kind of be doing something I hate.  And honestly, it seems pointless.  A girl sitting at her computer at home in Melbourne not giving you a plan, or promising you a result, but just saying 'do what makes you happy and your best health will come with the use of your common sense' really isn't going to appeal to anyone or be listened to by the majority of people.

So as passionate as I am about helping people find a balanced way to live, I don't want to do it anymore.  My ideas aren't glamorous or promising enough to be listened to and, as the (mostly disproportionately) passionate person I am, it just frustrates me to the point of affecting my emotions.  Every picture trying to inspire us to work out/eat healthy, every green-smoothie recipe, every carefully disguised laxative tea, every fit-spiration motivational quote, every new excited Tweet about a protein powder, every new juice detox company, every post-workout muscle selfie, every model-esque girl in a bikini asking you to love your body... they just make my head want to blow off.

That's my problem, not yours, but it's why I am going to stop writing about it.  

So, if you are here because you've read my blog and you think I'm a clever young lady who you want to listen to and you want my advice, then this is it;

Learn to listen to your body, use common sense, remember that food is for nourishment but also for enjoyment, move often but always in a way you enjoy and take care of your mental health as you do your physical health.
For everyone else, take care & good luck..

Nat x

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  1. Hey Nat. I'm sad to see you go. I really did love your blog - I too am fed up with all the 'crap' in the health and fitness industry. no wonder people get confused!! :) All the best with whatever you do! Ali