Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Slack Food Lover

I have been a terrible food lover lately. Between catching colds and losing my appetite, to waxing and waning a little with NoSugarVember (which, just quietly, I might have lapsed on 3 times so from here until my work knock-off for Christmas, Dec 22, I will be sticking to it. Mark my words), I've just stopped photographing and taking the time.

I guess it's a good thing in a way as I have lost my comfort eating bone, which is a huge deal for me. I'm actually considering giving away all of the 13 boxes of cereal I have (except the Vita Brits). They're only ever eaten when I'm down, (silly, hey?), and are glorified dessert for the most part. Bircher muesli, eggs and rye bread are currently taking the front seat in breakfast land, alongside fresh and frozen berries, rhubarb, greek yoghurt and green tea. You heard it here first - I'm losing the cereal.

Despite my recent lack of food-enthusiasm, I did still find a couple of photos on the old gold cam. Not all especially recent, but here we go.

Stir fry with tofu and a few rice noodles in the bottom
San Pellegrino with lemon in a tumbler (the way to do it when what you really want is something stupidly alcoholic)

Bircher Muesli with strawberries, rhubarb, greek yogurt & cinnamon.
This has been a staple brekky through NoSugarVember

I'm stupidly obsessed with Nori.
I eat it straight of the packet when I'm craving something salty.
I'm nuts but you know that.

I've posted a meal like this before - mashed sweet potatoes with chilli, and greens fried in garlic. This one packs in chickpeas for a little protein & substance, but I only really do this if I ate heavy the night before, or will the night after.

What are you eating at the moment?

Stay well,
Nat x


  1. Yuuum all this food looks so good! I've been a little uninspired as well when it comes to taking photos of my food - mainly coz last week I ate nothing but chocolate! Thanks to a combination of PMS and stress, I ate literally about half a kilo of the stuff. Felt so gross on the weekend.

    This week I'm focusing on a) reducing chocolate consumption and b) eating more home cooked dinners. On the menu tonight is Portuguese chicken with sweet potato and broccoli. xxx

  2. yummm serious craving for sweet potato mash right now, I remember you posted something similar with greek yoghurt & pepitas? Well I totally made that a while ago and it was SO good...mmm thanks :) x

  3. Oh Jane I so know how you feel.. try PMS while having a no sugar challenge.. HARD! But suprisingly not when I lapsed.

    Hannah that's right! Made my day that you tried it & liked it =)