Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Why Lemon Living?

Hello to all! - some of you old (I hope), some of you new.

Why Lemon Living?

Well my greatest passion in life is by far, nutrition, health and food. Beauty, fashion and shopping are wonderful things that bring endless joy when funds permit, but I know as much as the rest of the world that beautiful women like my friend, Melanie, and the ever-outfit-inspirational Lady Melbourne do a much better job of making you want to hit the shops. Me? I hope to make you love more than anything food that loves you more than anything.

So why now?

I work with 2 girls who I'm forever blubbering about food and health to. Let's call them Mickey* and Mini*. Mickey and Mini endure my my non-stop babble 5 days a week for exactly half an hour, and when I do stop babbling to eat something, I often get comments on the way I enthusiastically eat. At a recent work function, Mini commented to Mr. Boyfriend that she'd never met anyone who revolves their life around food and meals as much as I do. This past week, Mickey and Mini both suggested I start to write about food, nutrition, weight management and all the other topics related to edibles I pride myself on having a library in my head about. What a good idea.

So what will Lemon Living be about?

Well, as some of you will know, as a result of a half-decade long illness and the determination it left with me to treat my body as well as I can learn how to, it is my plan in life to return to study one day to become a nutritionist (hopefully once the flurry of a new home settles down). I believe prevention is the best medicine**, and, as one of the authors of a loved book of mine, Skinny Bitch describes herself, I like to think of myself also as a self taught know-it-all. I love to cook, I love to know what exactly is going into my body and what it will do, I love to help people improve their health through food and I love to share my knowledge, (and am eternally grateful to all the people in my life who don't yell at me to shut the hell up).

I hope more than anything you will love, or even like, to read what I write.

I'll leave you with a collection of food photos I've taken over the past year. They never end up anywhere but my hard drive, and I'm so happy to now give them a home.

Vic Market

The Press Club

I love to cook M breakfast

Caught-out coffee (Southbank)

Noodles for my Birthday

Cheese & Wine in Halls Gap


I should have started this blog years ago.

Stay well,
Nat x

*names changed
**I do not believe everything can be prevented


  1. I look forward to reading your new blog.
    With a son similar age, sick for 5 yrs, shared knowledge and insight is invaluable.
    Thanks Nat,

  2. I can't wait to see what this new venture of yours brings!!

  3. All those beautiful food photo's are making me hungry!

  4. Good on you for pursuing writing about what you love. I look forward to reading about your passion for healthy living :)

  5. Looking forward to reading your new blog!

  6. Thank you all so much for all your support xx it really does bring wells to the eyes!
    Keep bringing the feed back! x